JTB is a company that delivers experiences. As one of the largest travel and destination management companies in the world, JTB has built both a knowledge and understanding of customer service that helps us to consistently deliver great experiences to our clients.

Since its foundation in 1912, the JTB group has worked hard to win the trust of our customers around the globe. JTB Australia is proud to be part of our companies 100 year tradition that focuses on the total package – the experience of a lifetime.

Every service offered by JTB Australia begins by first understanding the client’s strategic goals, matching it to the appropriate experience and then delivering it with an emphasis on operational excellence. Services are customised to meet the unique needs of the client and are supported by our worldwide JTB network.

Trusting your arrangements to JTB ensures you receive the highest level of service at each point along the journey.

JTB Australia Philosophy

To contribute to the broadening of mutual understanding and harmony in the global society through multicultural human exchanges

Our Slogan

Perfect moments, always.

Our Vision

To be a great travel company, delivering unique experiences that bring people together