Special Events

Putting together a special event is no small task.  To make your event work and run smoothly you need someone who has experience, expertise and the connections to get you the best prices.  That’s us.

JTB will work with you at every step of the way to make your special event a roaring success, turning you into the office hero.  We can help you by assisting with conceptual planning and venue research, logistical support and the arrangement of special activities and supplementary tours.

Here at JTB, we combine our events production services and destination management skills to bring you a successful event every time. Whether it’s a business seminar, corporate function or a product launch, JTB will produce an event that perfectly fits your requirements.

In-depth knowledge of local culture and the nuances of doing business at your destination will ensure that every aspect of the event is covered and all expectations are fully satisfied. Our international staff will be on location to support the JTB Australian team ensuring you will enjoy an event to remember.

An example of our Logistic support for your event:
Streamlined online participant registration

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