Organising international school travel can be an intense process. Teachers and administrators often spend hours of their own time doing research, planning and conducting schools tours to foreign locations. JTB can assist in this process in a number of ways;

  • JTB Australia has been taking Australian schools to both Japan and other destinations for nearly 50 years
  • We are group travel specialists employing seasoned professionals with many years hands on experience in planning and operating educational tour
  • We are a global company with 137 offices in 86 countries which means that our own local staff are there to support your tour in most overseas destination
  • We have contacts and contracts with business partners accustomed to working with student tours. You can be confident that you are getting quality service and value for money when you choose JTB.
  • We work closely with relevant government departments to ensure that our tour content and operations meet not only their needs but also those of the parents and schools.

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